Our onboarding platform provides best of class companies with the best of breed software-as-a-service solution, delivering the ultimate benefits - empowered, excited and loyal employees.

The true measure of recruiting effectiveness is the attraction and retention of top performers and high potential employees. Our seamless, integrated employment screening and onboarding platform bridges the technology gap between applicant tracking systems and human capital management systems to provide a single consolidated view of every activity in your hiring process and improve your recruiting effectiveness.

From selection to screening to onboarding, we automate your hiring process utilizing your business rules, moving your candidates from job seekers to employees while protecting your employment brand.

With a single online application, you can:

  • Optimize employment screening turnaround
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase recruiter productivity
  • Condense time-to-hire
  • Enhance the applicant experience
  • Quickly turn new hires into productive employees

Now you can focus on value-added, strategic activities

With onboarding, new employees electronically complete all the necessary forms before they start. By centralizing information, our onboarding platform enables quick access to information so forms can be printed or retrieved as needed. You'll experience a vast improvement in the accuracy and availability of critical information.

Focus on the people in the process, not the process

Our platform's workflow engine reduces your internal effort by up to 40% by triggering actions, providing reminders critical to keeping the process moving forward and eliminating duplicate data entry. With our platform, you spend time with high potential candidates instead of busywork.