Verifications offers two types of employment credit checks: a Summarized Credit Report and an Actual Credit Report. Because the actual credit report can be difficult to understand for those unfamiliar with its layout, Verifications provides a summary report itemizing the key information from the actual credit report.

Actual Credit Checks
By accessing one or more major credit bureaus an actual credit report is provided. This employment credit check is ideal for staffing financial positions where you need the detail found on a credit report and to understand that detail. It is also available as an instant check.

Summarized Credit Checks
A summarized credit report is useful for employers who do not need the detail provided on an actual credit report but instead would like the information in a condensed format that provides the critical credit information. Using information from one or more major credit bureaus, a summarized credit report presents three easy-to-read categories including public records, trade balances, and payment history.

It is important to note that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recommends the consideration of credit information in employment decisions only when credit history is clearly job related. US Code Title 11 prohibits a private employer from employment discrimination solely on the basis of a bankruptcy filing.